Your health starts from the inside!

Tracking what your gut is telling you is the 1st step in keeping you healthy

Elsavie is backed by nearly 20 years of scientific research of human gut health and microbiome. Our app is designed and co-created with scientists and nutrition experts.

Benefits of tracking your gut health

Become friends with your gut and live your life carefree!

Features that matter

Track and learn to understand how your current lifestyle affects your digestion and overall well-being.

Poop tracker

Prevent or relieve your gut problems with the help of an intuitive poop tracker.

Water intake tracker

Feel how staying hydrated benefits your digestion and productivity with a water intake tracker.

Gut feelings tracker

Find the root cause of your gut pain, gasses and bloating with the gut feelings tracker.

Calendar view

See your progress and tracking history with the calendar and start noticing your digestion patterns.

And there's more ...

We help you to take action!

Reminders keep you engaged by gently nudging you to make the necessary steps towards your goals.

Articles give you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge about gut health in order to make more conscious choices in your everyday life.

The shop feature enables you to get your gut health boosting products with just a few taps.

Soon the automatic insights feature is ready, that helps you to instantly see the big picture of your well-being.

All your data is safe with us! We guard it and keep everything in compliance with the GDPR laws.

Data Privacy

Your data is protected and securely stored. We never share or sell your personal data.


The app helps you to be on track: get notifications to drink water, log your gut feelings and track your poop.


In-app articles cover topics like constipation, diarrhea, healthy digestion, the power of dietary fibers and many more.


Discover Elsavie's fiber supplements, probiotics and gut health test to prevent or ease digestion problems and boost your immunity.

Automatic Insights

We're currently working on an algorithm that combines and shows all your data in an organized way so you can take actionable steps.

Learn with Elsavie

A preview of practical articles you can find inside the app

What benefits do you get from tracking water?

Our clients experience shows that without tracking they tend to forget to drink water.

And if asked, they do not really know how much water they drink during the day and this makes it hard to do any changes.

What is diarrhoea and how can you relieve it?

Diarrhoea can be caused by a number of things, but the important question is whether it is short-term issue or a chronic problem.

What is constipation and how can you relieve it?

Having constipation can be painful and unpleasant, but luckily there is much you can do about it.

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